Yammie’s double fudge banana muffins – low calorie!!! +Fit test

If you haven’t been to Yammie’s Noshery or Yammie’s Gluten Freedom blog – you must check it out.

She is a 20 year old young woman with 6 brothers and sisters and is an incredible cook and photographer. Over the weekend she posted the recipe for these muffins and I had just about all the ingredients – so I went to town.

I adapted it just a little – but they turned out amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t have any chocolate chips – which could have been a crisis, but these were amazingly moist and I didn’t even miss them!


The calories without chocolate chips (Jumbo sized) are:

yammiesSONY DSC

These were great at work when I needed a snack – really filling!!! I love that!

In other news – I did the first day of Insanity Today!


Holy cow – it was hard! I haven’t done many of those exercises EVER – I was super sweaty by the time I was done – and afterwards!!

My twin sister has done over 100 days of it so far, and I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. It would be great to be closer to my goal weight once the new year comes around!! :) :) :)

example of fit test

For the fit test – here are my scores vs. my sisters first day:

Me: Switch kicks 77 Biz: 72
Me: Power Jacks 43 Biz: 30
Me: Power Knees 64 Biz: 68
Me: Power Jump 20 Biz: 30
Me: Low Jumps 5 Biz: 7
Me: Suicide jumps 9 Biz: ?
Me: Push up jacks 9 Biz: 15
Me: Low plank oblique 17 Biz: 22


I’m not promising I’ll do insanity every single day, but will shoot for 4x a week. Wish me luck!!!

Have you done Insanity? Did you stick with it and see results??

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