Taco Soup/Another variation – this one is awesome!

taco soup on spoon 09-09-13

This recipe started because I had 4 baby cans of V8 juice in my fridge that needed to be used.

v8 juice

I was thinking of what I could make with it, when I thought of taco soup. The best part about this soup is you can add whatever you want to it practically and it still turns out great. This time I had leftover quinoa which I added at the end, and it makes it even better.

I just pulled out my vegetable drawer to see what I had leftover from the week. Celery, carrots, baby peppers, garlic, and onion, and this soup was born.

My only regret is not making it spicier, so next time I will definitely add some jalapenos. I ended up adding some Tabasco (thanks to my co-worker Chris who saved the day) and I got the spice I wanted.

You can literally make this in about 30 minutes, so if you want to make a hearty dinner for your family on a weeknight, you can still do this!

(CORRECTION: use FIVE cups chicken stock)

Unfortunately here in Chicago – summer is holding on and we’re having 90’s at the beginning of this week, followed by high of 60’s by the end of the week – gotta love Chicago weather!

But if it feels like fall where you live, then this is the perfect comfort soup!

What is your favorite thing to make once fall starts and the temps start to drop?