For the longest time, if I was trying to lose weight I would for some reason stay away from smoothies because I always thought they were too many calories.  Not so!  Today I made myself a mango smoothie and it was a great way to start a summer day.  I usually by my fruit frozen from Aldi food stores. They are very economical and they sell 2 pounds bags of frozen fruit for under $3!  The mango chunks are by far my favorite.  I don’t know about you, but I can never seem to by a fresh mango that’s ripe enough and trying to cut it and get all the fruit out of it is too hard for me.  Buying the frozen chunks, you don’t waste a thing!  

  •  1 serving frozen mango chunks
  • 1 cup orange juice

I have a magic bullet.  You can also use a blender.  Add the mango chunks, and the orange juice, and blend until creamy, about 45 seconds.  For 3/4 cup of mango chunks its only 80 calories, and the orange juice was only 110 calories.  So, for under 200 calories, you can fit that into your healthy eating plan any day!