My Day…

I had a super busy weekend, lots of errands, a baby shower, shopping for the baby shower, my younger son had a sleepover, my older son had a birthday party, etc…when I had to drop everything because my Mom injured herself on Saturday. She was painting the side of her garage, and as she was getting off the ladder, she twisted her knee in what she explained as “it felt like my knee exploded”. Off to the hospital, x-rays, sent home with a big brace and wait to make an appointment for an MRI, so I went to her house to take care of her for the rest of Saturday…my poor Momma! She’s almost 70, I live a mile away, I said, why didn’t you call us over to help?? She’s Miss Independent, that’s why!

So by last night, I was exhausted! But, I still made the carrot muffins, AND made my lunch for the next day. If I plan out my food, I find its better for me to stay on track

Jenn’s carrot/chocolate chip muffin

My breakfast started out with the muffins I made yesterday. It kept me full until lunch!

Yummy lunch!

My lunch was 1/2 a turkey honey mustard sammie, some grapes and pretzels with laughing cow cheese. The flavor of the cheese is so good…french onion!

When I got home from work, I had two surprises:

Food Buzz gift

Food Buzz sent me this pasta! I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms, but I will definitely try it!

I forgot to mention… Day 7 on my brother’s book tour! Visit Jeff’s site today for my brother’s guest blog about his book!

New magazine!

And I got a free preview to this magazine, Cuisine at Home! Its full of great recipes. I’ve read about half the recipes, plus they have a lot of kitchen tips!

So now comes dinner… I make some sort of pasta dish every week, just because its quick. Tonight I made spaghetti with my homemade sauce, and decided to add something extra…

Jennie-0 Turkey sausage

I cooked it separately in a skillet and was going to cut it up into the sauce, but decided just to leave it whole and my family could just cut it themselves

Pasta with Jennie-0 turkey sausage

It turned out really good. The turkey sausage is only 160 calories, so that’s not a bad addition to the pasta. Although, I really wanted seconds!! But, I set the timer for 15 minutes, got busy doing other things, and just put my plate in the sink! The kitchen is closed for the evening!

I forgot to mention my brother’s virtual book tour, day 7!! Visit Jeff’s site to read my brother’s guest post there today!

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