Lunch with Roni!

I had the pleasure today of having lunch with Roni from and www.greenlitebites.  She could not have been nicer! We met at Water Tower Place at Mity Nice Grill.  It was me, my sister, my niece and two other fantastic women, so I was glad it was a small group so we could actually have a conversation with her.  For those of you who don’t know, Roni lost 70 pounds on Weight Watchers and has kept it off for several years.  Her site is inspirational because in the beginning, you follow her weight loss and in the subsequent years, you learn how she balances being a Mom, working full time and trying to eat healthy and stay at goal.  You feel like you really get to know her threw her blog because she not only posts recipes, but also video tapes making some of her recipes with her son.  She gave us lots of tips on food blogging, how to advertise, and other great ideas she has used over the years.  She was invited on behalf of Quaker Oats Company to come to Chicago for a conference this weekend.  She and about 20 other food bloggers from around the country were invited.  Other sites such as and to name a few.  They were treated like queens by Quaker Oats, they were given great gift bags and they learned a lot about Oatmeal and about women’s health in general as well as new products like a pancake mix which is coming out in January.  We had about a 3 hour lunch with non-stop talking about blogging, food choices, health and how everyone fits in blogging in their every day lives.  It was a great afternoon!  Thanks for lunch Roni!   


  1. Roni says:

    You are SO welcome and THANK YOU! I really had such a good time I’m so glad we had the opportunity to meet up!

  2. Jen says:

    I wish I lived closer to Chicago. Would have loved to have met up with you guys.

  3. When I first heard about the meet-up I remember thinking, “Man! I wish I could go.” But from the looks of it, it was No Boys Allowed.


  4. MizFit says:

    who knew you blogged? (waves at charlie whom I need to meet in person Mizter Fellow Austinite! bring the family!) and I k now. how cool are all those women huh?

  5. Jennifer says:

    It was great to meet and talk about blogging, weight loss, struggles, etc..

    MizFit, I love your site! And you would love my brother in person! He’s the funniest!

  6. Unfortunately, no one will get to meet me in person as I am actually a top secret military experiment.

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