Last week I mentioned how I am wearing a weight loss motivational bracelet called Koo-dohz. I started the week out great and continued to have a great weekend. My twin sister Biz is doing this with me and for the next month we are going to see how far we can get.

One of the reasons it’s nice to wear a reminder to help you keep on track is to keep you motivated along the way. My sister had a rough week last week, having to put her dog to sleep, but is BACK ON this week.

Every day we keep either texting or e-mailing each other with successes along the way and whatever it is we’ll say “Koo-Dohz!”

Today by far was a HUMONGOUS victory for me. Since it is Fat Tuesday – my boss brought in dozens of paczki’s.


They are basically gigantic donuts filled with a fruit filling, deep fried and coated in powdered sugar. But, I had planned ahead and brought a deluxe breakfast. I had a breakfast hash with veggies, potato, egg, and it was amazing. I walked by that food table all day and never once thought of taking one. (Koo-Dohz!).

Then today was my favorite day of the week, because we had salad club – we have some new employees who joined – so some weeks we have 8 people. (everyone who is in the club brings a little bit of greens, a fruit or veggie to share and we have a giant salad bar!). Today’s salad was epic. I loved every bite of it and feel so lucky to be able to eat such healthy and abundant amounts of fresh veggies.

So after salad club, I walk back to my desk. A rep that comes to my office left me a glass jar filled with baby size candy – and gummy bears – and 2 boxes of girl scout cookies I ordered were dropped off. Are you fricken kidding me?!?! Like it wasn’t enough I had passed up the donuts – and now this!

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tatto at lincoln  carnival 2012 026

Koo-Dohz to me – not one piece of candy – or cookie – or gummy bear passed these lips! To keep me motivated I kept listening to weight loss podcasts while I was working, or listening to weight loss stories on You Tube. I heard this man’s weight loss story and bookmarked it so I could watch it at home tonight – very inspirational indeed!

The man in the above video is Bryan Ganey and he’s lost 355 pounds – no surgery – no quick fixes – just hard work and determination – he has a blog you can read HERE

So – if I keep staying the course – small changes – over time – big results!

Do you have any Koo-Dohz to share – anything even if it’s non-weight related that you are proud of?


  1. Way to go passing up all of that stuff – that’s pretty amazing!!

  2. Jacky says:

    Good job! All bets were off on my this Fat Tuesday, deliberation day for jury duty. It was a rough day so I just ate the pizza they served us and followed it up with wine at home. Today I took the day off and got in a long run!

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