Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! This week has flown by and I can’t believe the weekend is upon us again.

My husband and I will be on the Chicago Lakefront Path tomorrow morning running for our event in April. I’m doing the half marathon and my husband is doing the full marathon. We’re raising money for The Leukemia Lymphoma Society – and we really need everyone’s help to make our fundraising goal. If you have an extra $5.00 today – please consider donating to the cause. Our fundraising page is HERE.

Last week I was supposed to run 8 miles with a cut back to 6 this weekend BUT, since it was only 10 degrees last week, they only let us run for 60 minutes, so this weekend I have to do the 8. But so far it looks like it will be in the low 30’s so that is much better. Last weekend there was some guy on the path who was actually wearing shorts and slippers – no socks! Some people are so crazy 🙂

I have been really focusing on losing weight and my weigh in is today – and I lost another .8 pounds this week! So I am officially 23 pounds less than my all time high. I’m not following any program other than watching my portions and choosing healthier options. I’ve also been exercising and avoiding treats at work.

Since December I had stayed away from all food at work that I didn’t bring. Like most offices there are donuts, treats people bring in, leftovers from luncheons, etc…

This week was especially challenging because of this:

My daughter is a girl scout and the cookies came in last weekend. I bought 5 boxes for my family and did not have ONE cookie – can you believe it? So I thought I was good by avoiding them at home, but then I brought a few cases to work for my coworkers and a few people put their cookies out for everyone to enjoy – but I survived that too!

Then yesterday my boss said he was bringing treats in to celebrate the anniversary of the company I work for. So I didn’t bring breakfast thinking there would be something to choose that would be relatively healthy…wrong. As soon as I saw him come in with 2 giant bags – I knew exactly what they were – CRUMBS cupcakes!

Are you kidding me? I work with 65 people and there were TONS of cupcakes. So I could have caved – it’s just one cupcake. But instead I ate my lunch for breakfast – which was leftover pasta!

So, then since I ate my lunch for breakfast I had to go out to get food for lunch. I am lucky that I have dozens of choices to eat within walking distance and my coworker and I decided on Chipotle. For those of you who don’t know – I just tried chipotle for the first time last year! I know – I think I am the last one on the planet to have tried it!

I knew I wouldn’t get the burrito – if I get that with everything I like on it, it’s 1,000 calories! So I went to the website/consulting with my twin Biz and decided on getting the bowl. If you go to Chipotle’s website – it has all the calories broken down for each item.

Mine looked similar to this – but this is what I got for 420 calories:

Brown rice, chicken, green salsa, fajita veggies, and lots of lettuce.

NO SOUR CREAM, NO GUACAMOLE, AND NO CHEESE – which saved me 350 calories! 🙂

And you know what? It tasted amazing – I didn’t miss all the extras at all.

So – I think if I can survive all those things this week, I’m going to make it this time to my weight loss goal.

I keep thinking about Keith Ahrens – who I profiled in a weight loss success story a few years ago. You can read his story here. He lost 200 pounds but instead of focusing on the number on the scale, he focused on eating better and moving more. He said because of that the weight came off – so he never really worried about each pound – he just knew if he kept at it – the weight loss would be a result of the changes he was making daily.

So – have a great Friday – Donate to my fundraising efforts if you can and wish me luck running 8 miles tomorrow! 🙂


  1. lol…cupcakes do not = breakfast! lol Can I just tell you? I have tasted everyone of those cupcakes…the cream filled ones are my favorite. Were they the full sized cupcakes or the minis? Good for you for having the will to pass them by…would have been really, really hard!

  2. Shelley B says:

    GREAT JOB on avoiding the cupcakes, Girl Scout cookies, and all the temptations at work…I know it can’t be easy for you (especially those cupcakes…dang!). I love how you’re making this into a lifestyle, not a diet, and look – you’re losing weight! Awesome, Jenn!

    Good luck with your run tomorrow – I’m sorry, but in the 30s is STILL very cold for me. Hopefully you’ll warm up quickly!

  3. Helen says:

    Not to mention that it was Valentine’s week too. You got through this like a rock star and I know it wasn’t easy!

    I just told someone last night that I’m done with dieting to lose weight. I’m trying to eat to be my healthiest self and while I’ve had some weight loss, health is what is important to me right now.

    Temps in the 30s should feel positively warm once you get going – have fun on your run!

  4. Laura says:

    You are doing so awesome!!!

  5. Lori says:

    Great job on the loss!

    I get the salad at Chipotole and leave off the rice and beans. So, it is the meat, salsa, cheese and sour cream. I love the cheese and sour cream, so I have to skip the rice in order to make it work for me. Good stuff.

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