Great Biggest Loser Finale!

So the season finale was last night and it’s by far my favorite episode of the season. I not only like to see who will win – BUT – how did the people do at home on their own. Everyone who weighed in looked amazing. Such big changes in not that long a time.


Dani ended up winning BY ONE POUND!!! She had to lose at least 120 pounds to win and she lost 121 pounds – how close is that? Dani is actually a local Chicago-land gal – so that’s cool!

The other person who I thought looked amazing was Lisa – she is a Mom of 4 kids too!


So – now after the show is the real test to see if they can keep the weight off and lead a normal life. I was surfin’ the net and saw that Filipe and Seone – they were cousins who each lost over 125 pounds by the finale. Seone now works at the Biggest Loser resort – but guess what? His cousin gained it ALL back + more. Now he’s working again starting over. It’s too bad that happened, but great that he’s getting back into it to change again. Here is a video of part one of his comeback.

So, what was your favorite part of the finale?

And on another note! Today is my birthday ……and my twin Biz’s b-day too! I took the day off, I went to the Y to work out and then my hubby and had went out to lunch. We are getting together for March birthdays at my Mom’s house this weekend. Not only is it our birthday – but my son Paul’s birthday was yesterday, Biz’s daughter Hannah’s birthday was on the 7th, her boyfriend Jacob’s birthday is the 27th and our niece Sarah’s birthday is the 14th! March madness for sure!

Can’t wait to see you Biz!


  1. Shelley B says:

    Happy Birthday, Jenn! Wow, your family certainly does have a lot of birthdays in March!!!

    I couldn’t believe Danni won by ONE POUND. Amazing. Thought that Lisa and Joe both looked great, and Jackson and Jeff are looking good as well. What a shock about Felipe regaining so much weight back, though…it does show you just how dang hard it is to keep it off.

  2. Happy, happy Birthday! Sounds like you are having a nice day! 🙂

  3. Jacky says:

    Happy birthday, great way to spend it! Just finished the BL finale, great one, can’t believe it came down to one pound.

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