Breakfast in a jar

Recently I’ve been bringing my breakfast and lunches in jars. I kind of feel like Robin Sue from Big Red Kitchen – she has a whole series of things she makes in mason jars.

I like using the jars because I know what I put in there won’t leak, I can heat it without the cap in the microwave at work and I can eat out of it too!

I’ve been making breakfast hashes of all different variations and putting everything in my fridge I want to eat up.

It can be leftover baked potatoes, peppers, onions, turkey sausage, scrambled eggs, etc…

I’ll just cook everything in a small skillet – transfer it to the jar and I’m ready to go!

The best thing about this is it keeps me super full for a long time!

In other news – I have a friend of mine who is inspired by Fat, Sick & Nearly dead who is going to do a juice fast for 30 days. I just got a juicer for Mother’s Day so we’ve been researching recipes. I’m not going to do a total juice fast but I told her I would try it for breakfast and lunch and see how it goes – we’re starting next week!

Today for lunch we checked out a local juice bar that just opened up by a few high school friends of mine. I got a juice called “we got the beet” It was beet, carrot, ginger, lime and spinach, apple – and it was amazing. They will even make you a juice in advance and put it in a mason jar that you can drink within 72 hours.

The best part is they put all the fruits and veggies in a big bowl and before they juice it, they show you what’s going into it.

Have you ever done a juice fast? How long did you do one for?

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