Breakfast bread bowl – pretty awesome breakfast for 335 calories


Holy cow my breakfast was delish today! I had an idea about taking a soft roll, cutting off the top, scooping out the inside bread and filling it with veggies, ham and egg and a little cheese. The rolls I used I found near the deli at my local grocery store (near the bagels) and were only .33 cent each – score!

When I weighed the bread it was a little over 3 ounces, so I wanted to scoop enough of the inside part to weigh 2 ounces. I looked up the calories for 2 oz. roll and most of the calories were averaging 150 calories – so that’s what I started with.


I forgot to spray the foil with cooking spray – so some of my bread on the bottom stuck to it :(

I seriously could eat this every morning for breakfast and never get tired of it. You could also do this for so many other things – fill it with pizza toppings, veggies, pizza sauce and cheese, fill it with sloppy joe’s, you could fill it with black beans, taco meat, veggies, avocado and salsa – I can’t wait to try some of those!


And in weight loss news, I’m finding that it’s getting easier to not even think about all the decadent food always at my office. I swear – no one would ever go hungry there! Today for a luncheon was leftover sushi and Chinese food, Garrett’s popcorn (caramel and cheese).

Instead I had my own bag of lite microwave popcorn and it was fine! koo-dohz!!

I haven’t walked to or from work the last 2 days because it has been in the single digits – a little too cold for me!

What is your favorite breakfast you could eat all the time?

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