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I think it’s about time I update the ABOUT ME page considering it will be SEVEN years of blogging in a few days for me! (May 2015).

My name is Jennifer and I live in Oak Park, IL – a suburb of Chicago.

I started this blog in April of 2008 to share my love of cooking. From the time I was small I loved being in the kitchen with my Dad, or helping my Mom make dinner, or coming up with recipes for the annual Pillsbury bake-off!

Fast forward to me being married with three great kids, I needed to get off my picky eater high horse and start trying some new foods. I didn’t like very many veggies, I often didn’t like my food to touch on my plate, no chunks of vegetables (especially in pasta sauce!). If I got fajitas at a Mexican restaurant I ate the chicken and tortillas only – no thank you to the peppers and onions and guacamole.

I started out small, but decided to become a little more adventurous at the grocery store. If I found a fruit and veggie I never had before, I bought it, looked it up when I got home on how to prepare it and starting tasting things. Guess what? I’m not a picky eater after all! After trying foods I hated as a kid, I now like peppers, onions, squash, cucumbers, zucchini, and the list goes on!

I think the biggest change is introducing new foods to my kids and except for one of my kids, the other two are not picky with food AT ALL! All three of them will at least try new things with me and help me figure out how to make it. And I’ve opened up my cooking world to so many more possibilities.

I am committed to trying to eat a healthy more balanced diet and focusing more on real food and not relying on processed foods. I’ve finished 2 Chicago marathons, ran dozens of half marathons and a few 20k races (DAM to DAM in Iowa) – I’ve raised thousands of dollars for Team in Training for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Thanks for stopping by my little space on the internet – if you have any questions for me my e-mail is slim-shoppin@comcast.net

celebrity collage

I’ve been lucky enough to meet a lot of celebrity chefs!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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