A surprisingly great soup! Turkey Kielbasa vegetable soup

chipotle and kielbasa soup 017

I’ve made this soup twice already and it is so easy and quick to make for a weeknight dinner. I frequently buy turkey kielbasa, but if I were to just feature that with sides, I would have to buy two packages to fill my family up. So I came up with this soup to make enough for everyone and I might have leftovers for lunch – here is what you will need


So I told you about my Koo-Dohz weight loss motivator bracelet and I’m counting the Koo-Dohz I am giving myself to keep on my weight loss plan – Here is what I did today:

The first one is MAJOR!! No girl scout cookies at work! And it was my favorite peanut butter patties!

Leftovers from a luncheon, I work in an office that has 2 luncheons every week, and even if I don’t have to go to one, there is ALWAYS food leftover. Today it was chips, pop AND brownies and I had none of it!

I walked to and from work today – almost 4 miles.

I was taken out to lunch today by one of our reps and I chose a stir fry place so I could pick lots of veggies and stay on my plan.

I made cookies for the kids lunches tonight and didn’t have any.

Ate an apple while making dinner so I wouldn’t snack on chips/crackers.

And I’ve been doing this workout this week:

daily work out plan

I thought “100 jumping jacks isn’t hard!” Ummm.. I could only do 40 in a row, then I had to take a break and then I could only do 20 more at a time. These workouts don’t take that long, but they are hard!

And I big shout out to my twin sister – she had to put her dog Ed to sleep today – I talked to her tonight on the phone and I think it’s going to be a little adjustment not to have him around and when he was younger – she loved taking him for walks on the trails. Sorry for your loss Biz!

R.I.P. Ed! :(


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