2 ingredient pancakes – sort of

2 ingredient pancakes

A while back all the rage on pinterest and other food blogs was the 2 ingredient pancakes. You take 1 banana, mash it, add 1 beaten egg cook it as a pancake and that’s it!

I tried the 2 ingredient pancake, and it does work, however, it’s also a good base for add-ins.

I had ripe bananas that had to be used – and then I just started adding what I had on hand and kept my fingers crossed it turned out good!


finished pancake

calories in pancake

At first bite, I was like “it’s OK” – but as I continued to eat it, it really grew on me and I LOVED it! I will definitely make this again. And I made this before going to work! (I almost forgot – I added a few chocolate chips too!)

Have you tried the 2 ingredient pancake yet??

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