10 of my favorite soups – all low in calories & great for weight loss!

Why is it still so cold in Chicago people! It has been in the teens and with wind chills in the single digits – not fair!! I know many people who are still in the grips of winter – Lori posted all the snow they just recently got where she lives!

So soups have been on my mind lately – so I wanted to share my favorite ones I make.

My number one soup has to be baked potato soup – it’s from Cooking Light magazine, it is super easy, hardly any ingredients and it turns out fantastic every time.

baked potato soup

Taco soup is another one that I love – it makes a ton and it’s awesome to snack on when you get hungry, just fill a mug up and microwave it – or start your meal with it to fill out up


Chicken chorizo vegetable soup
. I tried soy chorizo for the first time and it was awesome in this soup!

chicken chorizo soup

Tortellini soup! . I’ve made this soup a dozen times since I first made it in 2009 – so easy and feeds a big family!

tortelini soup

Chicken Brunswick Stew. This recipe is dear to my heart. My dad spent a long time coming up with this recipe based on Mrs. Fernow’s Chicken Brunswick stew which you can buy on the East coast. Being in Chicago, and no access to buy it at a store, my dad perfected the recipe. This is my 30 minute weeknight version:


Roasted red pepper soup – a knock off version of a red pepper soup from a restaurant near my office – this one turned out great!


Veggie Pot Sticker Soup 5WW+ points. I love potstickers! If you don’t make them homemade, I buy the frozen ones from Trader Joes.

veggie potsticker soup

Chicken salsa noodle soup. This is a soup that came out of leftovers in my freezer/fridge – it turned out great – no leftovers when I make this!

chicken salsa noodle soup

Tri-color pepper soup. This soup actually started with leftover water from cooking purple cauliflower – the water was purple! So that started the base of my soup.

tri-colored pepper soup

Not really a soup – but an awesome chili! This is Pulled BBQ chicken chili


So there seems to be no spring-like temps in the Chicago-land area any time soon, so soups will still be on the menu in my house!

What is your favorite soup of all time – either at a restaurant OR homemade?

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